Baghdad Opera House

Project details

Baghdad Opera House


Client: Iraqi Ministry of Culture

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Original concept design of the 100,000 M2 Opera House accommodating a mega theatre, galleries, training areas and support buildings) was done a Spanish firm. As part of CAP Consultants, Manhal Al Habbobi was approached and commissioned by the client, Iraqi Ministry of Culture, to develop the concept as per client's requirements.

Following a thorough consideration of a “main axis” model of master planning that connects the project to the major surrounding elements (Roads and River), the design concept is based on integrating all blocks by connecting them through the semi basement and the central plaza that acts as a huge “hub” which makes the integration effective and clear.

Inspired by the Palm Tree, treatment of the façade (skin of the buildings) emphasized the environmental requirements of the region where the project is to be built. This treatment considered the skin as a connector with the environment and not merely as a separator from it.