About Us

About Us


Our Story

With offices in Dubai, Istanbul, Baghdad and Toronto Area, formal start of the company was first registered in 2015 as Manhal Habbobi Consultants (MHC). However, the history of the current company backbone goes back for more than a decade before the official formation. Most of the senior staff were collaborating, as one team, to produce a number of successful projects in different parts of the Middle East. Common belief in holistic approach to provide creative solutions based on state of the art knowledge kept the team alive as a virtual MHC and then as a real company. To be faithful to this belief, we partner and collaborate with others who share with us the same approach whenever required.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to contribute to the creation and maintenance of successful and sustainable built environments where a wise balance of considerations to all effective aspects can be achieved. This contribution is never to be restricted by size, scale, time, location or any other limitation.