General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers

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General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers


This landmark project is from Manhal Al-Habbobi's CV while being attached to other organisations. An award winning project designed while working for CAP consultants.

The vision for this project was to create a masterpiece building that belongs not just to the piece of land it occupies and the people whom it accommodates. But rather, like great landmarks, it is meant to be a symbol for many aspects and the embodiment noble feelings and aspirations.

This 12 storeys twin towers and ring podium building project along with its supporting ancillary buildings is the outcome of an international design competition announced in October 2011 and awarded in 2012. As well as accommodating the functions and activities (offices, meeting rooms, cafeterias, storages, parking) assigned for the twenty-three departments of the GSCM, the building is to serve as a symbol of Iraqi civilization, unity, democratic and political emergence.

The concept of the cylindrical seal in Mesopotamia inspires the creation of the architectural composition of the entire development.

Sustainability has been incorporated in the design through many aspects that include ; facade treatments , Wind towers and other issues . Some of these aspects would incur high capital costs that would require clients approval before proceeding to implement. Therefore , a separate study was required to analyze this matter in order to achieve the right balance.