Najaf International Airport

Project details

Najaf International Airport


MHC is in charge of completing 3 major projects for the airport:

1- Design and Construction of Terminal Building 2

With a total of built up area of more than 67,000 M2 to accomodate the requirements for more than 8 million passengers each yea, this project is considered the most important projects for the airport. It will become the central hub of the airport where all of the facilities for air travel procedures and activities will take place. The building is made mainly of concrete structure (precasted columns, beams and floor slabs).

2- In addition to terminal building 2 project, MHC is in charge of the construction of the Upgrade of the Air Side (Runway & Taxi Ways) part of the airport. The upgrade is to improve the operational capabilities of the airport that allow for greater numbers and bigger sizes of air planes to be served. The upgraded runway will be 3.5 Km long, 60 Meter wide plus 25m wide on the sides for lighting and services with ILS CAT3 air navigation system.

3-The 3rd project assigned to MHC in Najaf International Airport is the 2 staged extension of Terminal 1 Building. This extension is to absorb the travel needs of extra numbers of visitors coming from all of the world to visit the holy city of Najaf. The first stage of the project is the addition of 8000 M2 to the Main Terminal Hall. The second stage comprises the addition of an extra 4500 M2 to the hall for the total to become 12,500 M2.