Burj Al Hussain

Project details

Burj Al Hussain


The architectonic shape of AHT tries to capture an image of Unity through its tangible and intangible components.

On a site area of more than 25000 M2 and with a total built-up area of more than 104,000 M2, the objective of this project is to create a Tower Building that would stand as a unique landmark in Karbala’s skyline and serve as part of the identity of the holy place that compliments the city’s position as one of the few prime locations and destinations in the Muslim World. To be a viable project, the landmark tower has to support itself financially through accommodating uses that can insure continuous revenue which pays for the construction and maintenance of the building. A number of options were investigated before deciding on a Mixed Use project comprising of a big shopping centre (mall), residential accommodation (with a mixed variety), and many other facilities that supplement the viability of the project.

ROOFTOP GARDEN - The roof floor of the parking block, upon 4th floor is considered as a green garden which serves some amenity for the residents. This area is dedicated to a play ground for kids, area for out door gathering and entertainment. Considering the entire people who lives in the tower, this area plays a role as a shared garden for whole community.